Mindfulness Coaching for Professionals

One-On-One with Chris Willitts

Why is it so hard to slow down, simplify, and care for ourselves?
Our drive to accomplish, attain, and succeed  comes at a great cost to our soul/spiritual essence.

Many of us are seeking, but feel lost and disconnected.
We are
simply starving for a deeper connection,not only to those around us, but to ourselves.

Mindful Living is a path that will ground and empower you,
and will lead to greater abundance in all areas of your life.

Gentle guidance and actionable advice

  • Building a Strong Meditation Practice
  • Slowing Down & Letting Go
  • Accepting Yourself & Self Love
  • Interconnectedness & Community
  • Power of Intention & Consciousness
  • Creating Positive Change and Bringing More Value
  • Amplifying your drive to succeed with mindfulness practices
  • Become a productive powerhouse with certain tools of relaxation

My Credentials and Backstory

3-Month Program, 2 High Value Options

“Solid Foundation” Package:
One monthly 60min phone-session and unlimited guidance via email – $197 per/mo

“On-the-Path” Package:
Two monthly 60min phone-sessions and unlimited guidance via email – $367 per/mo

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